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The creations we provide are one of a kind and range from over the top, oversized framed signage and artwork to the medium and small items to fill in the gaps. Our products are always affordable!

All of our products are thoughtfully designed and thoroughly handcrafted and handmade in the United States with customer satisfaction in mind. We specialize in handcrafting unique wooden picture frames that will showcase your precious memories and cherished artwork for generations. They are a perfect blend of rustic and contemporary. They are guaranteed to cozy up your home.

We are confident that they will speak to all who enter about who you are and make a bold statement. We feel strongly that to make a house a home, you have to fill up the spaces and empty walls with elegance and strength. We are here to help you do that exact thing!

There is something for everyone at Whimzical Woods Barn, so take some time to look around and make yourself at home with us. Thank you for visiting our shop!

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