Who We Are

Hello and welcome to our shop! We are a mother, daughter team from Mesa, Arizona. Here is a very short story of how our company started:

Whimzical Woods started 2014 when Julee (far right) had an idea to make a huge Family Proclamation and frame it in barnwood. She wanted something in her home that went with her modern farmhouse decor and something that her family could read and would make a statement of who they are and what they stand for. So the big barnwood Family Proclamation came to life. As neighbors came to her home, they would ask her what this beautiful framed document was and she was able to share her testimony. This happened so often that she knew these sacred words needed to be large and displayed in a way that everyone could read them, study them and live by them. She enlisted the help of Sallee (middle), her mom and Mandee (far left), her sister to help her bring this to as many people as possible. Mandee being a graphic designer and Sallee, an interior designer gladly accepted. When they put their talents and heads together the company took shape and things started to really take off. 

Our story is like many other startup stories. From a small garage....blood, sweat, and tears to opening up warehouse spaces...blood, sweat, and tears to shipping thousands of beautiful, inspiring artwork throughout the United States. 

We feel honored to do what we are doing and to be able to meet and get to know so many of you along the way. We hope our products bless your lives and your homes for years to come.

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